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4 ton natural gas fired steam boiler in Bangladesh

4 ton natural gas fired steam boiler details
Bangladesh customer visit our factory ,then he orderd the boiler WNS4-1.25-QY .The boiler fuel :natural gas fired ,lpg gas fired ,city gas fired .Horizontal built-in chamber combustion boiler.
The boiler energy conservation and environmental protection, high efficiency.henan yuanda boiler we make 1 ton gas fired steam boiler ,2 ton gas fired steam boiler ,4ton oil fired steam boiler ,6ton gas fired steam boiler ,8ton gas fired steam boiler ,10ton gas fired steam boiler and others .
Furnace is used in wet back design.
"Wet type boiler" refers to the boiler room to move in boiler smoke internal, turn the smoke chamber tube plate, the back and the cylinder body are surrounded by a pan of water (water immersion and furnace), so called "wet back" (also become water back.)
Wet back boiler advantages: smoke turn the smoke chamber into the smoke pipe (pipe) back to 1 after heat exchange, to smoke box before smoking temperature is low (generally in: 450 ℃ or so), makes smoke box structure before making simple, lined with insulating material is commonly used in steel structure.
Wet back structure, can adapt to high temperature, and good sealing, and the size is smaller than do turn back the smoke chamber, thus can avoid the shortcoming of "dry" type structure, the extension of the normal operation of boiler cycle, reduce the maintenance cost, so live a wide range of applications.
the boiler is used Textile, chemical, food, lumber industry, etc.

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