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13 bar pressure 4 ton coal fired industrial steam boiler in Indonesia

Coal-fired boiler product features:
Water and fire tube boiler is my company and famous experts, professor of Harbin institute of technology, Beijing, professor, director of the institute of boiler Li Zhiguang after five years, cooperation and development of the third generation of fire and water tube boiler (has applied for patent), furnace type structure with a unique innovation, remarkable effect of energy conservation and environmental protection, by domestic and foreign experts as "a revolution" in China's industrial boiler, its main characteristic is:
1, high thermal efficiency, heat transfer and flow resistance by the light of application of Harbin institute of technology is designed, the high efficiency heat transfer element - threaded pipe tube, boiler tail less air leakage, exhaust losses small, a thread of smoke wall temperature is low, small heat loss, high thermal efficiency;
(2), the original low dust concentration: USES the gravity settling chamber of a stove or furnace space design technology and flue gas inertia separation technology, make the original boiler dust exhausting concentration significantly decreased;
(3), adapt to a variety of fuel: because of no.1 furnace space is larger, appropriate burning high volatile and low ash melting point of biomass fuel and coal.

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