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4 ton 2900kw gas /oil fired hot oil heater /thermal oil boiler details

4 ton 2900kw gas /oil fired hot oil heater /thermal oil boiler details
the boiler modle :YQW-2900Q hot oil /thermal oil boiler ,horizontal Energy conservation and environmental protection boiler,the boiler pressure :8bar 0.8mpa ,the boiler fuel:gas or oil fired .the boiler capacity:2900kw .our factory make 350kw ,700kw ,1400kw ,2100kw ,2900kw 4200kw for sale and best price ,5600kw ,7000kw .welcome you come visit our factory.
YY (Q) W series of organic heat carrier boiler is quick-fitting forced circulation fuel oil (gas) boiler, this series boiler's is compact structure, the heating area is constituted by closed coil pipes from inside, outside (or internal and external), inside coil pipes are the radiation heating surface. Fuel in inside the inner coil pipe form the combustion chamber, the fuel burn inside and release heat and absorb most of the quantity of heat after radiation heating, high temperature flue gas transfer heat through convection heating surface, then go into the air preheater (or waste heat boiler) to heat the required air (or water), the low temperature flue gas from boiler discharge directly to the chimney then to the atmosphere.
1.It is easy and convenient to install the boiler, only setting the boiler on the foundation.
2.Heating surface is formed by round coilers, sufficient arrangement, reducing thermal load of tubes surface to ensure safety.
3.Furnace dimensions is matching with the combustion flame, positive pressure combustion, high radiation heat exchange efficiency.
4. Boiler structure is compact, saving the floor area of boiler room.
5.An air pre-heater or heat recovery boiler is placed behind the boiler to improve the thermal efficiency.

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