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10bar pressure 1 ton gas fired steam boiler in Thailand

10bar pressure 1 ton gas fired steam boiler in Thailand
1 ton gas boiler, henan yuanda boiler co., LTD., design, production, manufacture, finalize the design product, has passed the test of energy efficiency, save boiler inspection certification of qualified products.
1 ton gas boiler three way:
: 1. The wind road blower (air preheater) - - - - corrugated furnace combustion machine - back into the combustion chamber - short bunch of threaded pipe smoke box - long before - clusters of threaded pipe - after - flue smoke box - - - chimney atmospheric condenser
2. Water: tap water (well water) - demineralized water equipment - softened water tank water pump - - - - - - condenser (deaerator)/demineralized water tank - (oxygen tank) boiler pump - - - - - cylinder workshop
Fuel: natural gas (oil) - burning machine furnace smoke - - - - the atmosphere.
Host 1 ton gas boiler design and manufacturing characteristics and advantages:
1, high quality aluminum silicate insulation materials, heat preservation effect is good, small heat loss, and the furnace for 24 hours, pan of water temperature kept at 60 ℃, reduce energy consumption.
2, conical corrugated furnace, satisfy burning thermal expansion coefficient, radiation heating area is large, increase the thermal efficiency of boiler, corrugated design, strengthening heat transfer.
3, back to the combustion chamber is placed within the drum and the wet type design, lower the temperature in the rear panel, increase the heated area.
4, threaded pipe conduction heat, strengthening heat transfer effect, the disturbed flow flue gas flow, high temperature flue gas spiral propulsion.
5, smoke box before and after the collection, dispersing smoke, enclosed design, preventing smoke leakage phenomenon.

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