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Heat exchanger
  • Heat exchanger

Heat exchanger

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1) Free welding Double wall plate heat exchangers;

2) Efficient channel plate heat exchanger;

3) Once pressed hanging port plate heat exchanger;

4) High heat transfer coefficient, usually ? 3000~6000W/square meters, and up to 9000W/square meters ? c;

5) Counter high heat transfer efficiency, realizing small temperature difference at the end to really achieve 1 ° c temperature difference heat transfer, heat recovery efficiency up to 95%;

6) Compact, low cost, covers small area;

7) Low degree of dirt, stranded in a small amount of liquid, the minimum can be as little as 0.75L/m2;

8) Flexible wide ,highest design pressure up to 2.5MPa, the pipe diameter up to DN500. if you need to change, according to the results, you can increase or decrease the plate. 

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